A big Hooray for Susie K.!

Ein Fundstück am Sonntag. Drei versuchte Limericks zum Geburtstag meiner früheren Schulorchester- und Band-Direktorin.
Der Pauker war ich…
A big Hooray for Susie K.!
There was a conductress named Susie,
You had to be there so you could see
How she led the Blue Bands,
And leading with firm hands,
She made us her sounding jacuzzi.
A young German nick-named „Hans Solo“,
Unwilling to play the piccolo.
He thought for a glimpse,
Then settled for timps
And was blessed with a one-year crescendo.
There once was special conductress,
Whose love for our music was trendless.
She harnessed us teens,
Showed what music means,
Our affection in turn will be endless.
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